10 reasons why I dislike the vegan diet

For those who are on my Facebook friends, they can see a lot of post against the vegan diet on my wall. Then, you have to scroll, look into the details and dig out the reasons why I dislike it. Well, let me make this clearer for you.

  1. It’s a hype. Most of the vegans choose their diet for ethical reasons. Most of them is because they want “well being of the animals”. We’ll get back on that later. First, let me remind you this. 10 years ago, it was about being vegetarians for this exact same reason, and today some of those vegetarian became vegan. What changed ? Only the trend.
  2. It is healthy for your body…or not. Okay, it can be healthy, if you vary your food a lot. You need to eat seed, nuts, bunch of fruits and veggies that you won’t always find at the supermarket. Some of them come from far away. It requires to inform yourself a lot and correctly to know which food you need to avoid any deficiency, perhaps even being followed by a dietician. Let’s be realistic, most of the common people don’t do that. And well, when you don’t, most likely your blood test will show you some food deficiency. Then one of the solution would be to give you some food complements. Well, when you can simply eat the correct food, why use science ?
  3. It pollutes. Where do you think your exotic fruits and veggies come from ? Countries like in South America or Asia. The process to bring those in Europe pollutes a lot. If on the other hand you want to stay local, then you need to eat like local, with the meat and so on to remain healthy.
  4. It kills animal. Ow you did not think about that one ? It kills humans too. The vegan diet becomes so trendy that companies remove entire forest to make cultivated land instead, killing thousands of animals home, poisoning the water that villager drinks….It also requires a lot of pesticides. I know, you could help yourself with the European label that show how organic is your product. Well, the label has been created to suit multinationals so even Nestlé can use it. It is also a lot of packaging (which send you back to the 3rd) Let’s take an example: as a vegan it is great to have avocado into the diet, it has a lot of vitamins, and pretty much everything your body needs. Well, the business is so big now that workers are dying while plucking them, changing the shape of their trees to make it easier.
  5. It is a luxury. Our society allows us to choose our diet. We have science to help us anyway. We have work at the office, transportation to get us there, a screen to entertain us…nothing that requires a lot of physical effort. On the other hand, if you go to a village, work outdoors in construction, then you need a better diet than that.
  6. It is impolite. You surely met the situation where you are invited somewhere and ow, no vegan food so what. Your aunt forgot to skip the butter. So what, you don’t eat ? She still made a lot of effort to have you home for dinner…It is hard and sometimes a lost fight from the beginning to ask someone else to cook vegan for you. Bringing your own food is rude. There is no healthy reason not to eat your aunt’s dish.
  7. The marketing around it is oppressive and aggressive. Vegan diet is a lobby on his own, with people wearing white masks on the street and showing images of animals getting killed in manufactures, besides all the tags around. This is what happen when you don’t know your source of you food, not when you eat meat. Seeing those people protesting like that just make me want to run away even more. Companies also take the diet as an advantage to add a vegan label on everything. Coca Cola is vegan after all, killing fish and humans.
  8. It hurts the developments of children. Again if the diet is not followed properly, it can affect their growth. A Belgian study stated this. Also, during my maternity, I could learn that cow milk is actually the closest to human, that is why children still need it after breastfeeding. Of course you can give soy milk that has calcium in it…How what the calcium put in ? Ow, science, such a luxury choice.
  9. God is science. Vegan can basically pray for science. It offers the food complement, add nutritious in the basic food, or create a fake meat just from a molecule so you can avoid gluten, animals food, and so on. This knowledge is only to offer us more choices and have a comfier life. We actually don’t need it, some people want it. Science employees could use their time and their knowledge for better life saving cases…
  10. It kills the local employment rate. While you can afford to be vegan, the farm behind your house is not selling bovines anymore. The little family, living modestly and locally, can’t pay for the books needed for the school of their children anymore. On the other hand, the vegan diet give more shop to multinationals, shipment and more.