Little personal efforts for our environment

As a parent, we have the responsibility to provide a better world for our children. What is the main crisis we all know today ? Obviously the climate change. It takes time to fight, but all the little effort counts. Here are some tips you can follow.

Go to the market

During my maternity leave, we had time to go to the market every week. We were bringing our own bags and boxes. Food usually come with a lot of packaging. That way, we managed to reduce significantly our amount of bin bags.

Now that my leave is over, we buy mostly online and we see the difference! We are still working on that. Definitely we miss the market. If you have some recommendation, please share !

In the kitchen

We fill up our dish soap bottle at a zero waste shop. We also clean with a washable sponge, wipe with a wet cloth and un-paper towels.

For the food menu, we mostly cook vegetarian.

We keep our leftovers for the next meal/day. When we need to pack some food to cook, we have our lunch bags and boxes. We do not use foil.

In the bathroom

For the sink, we use also a washable sponge and a bar soap to wash hands. We didn’t change our toothbrushes yet. The bamboo ones still need to get changed once in a while so I don’t see the use of that. As for the toothpaste, I don’t have time to play chemistry and I still don’t know if dentists approve it, and which recipes. If you are one of them, please share your experience.

In the bathtub, we also have a bar soap for the body, a bar shampoo and a bar conditioner. We use a wet cloth or hands.

To shave we have electric shavers and plastic ones for which you only change the head. With the electric one, we use way less often the plastic one.

For my periods, I use a moon cup for the last 4 years now, and I sometimes add a washable serviette.

For the rare occasion I make up, I use some make up cloth and coconut oil to remove all that.

Actually, let’s talk a bit about the coconut oil. I can use also for my hair as a conditioner, for my stretch mark from after birth (and it is working!), after shaving…I am sure there are plenty other use of it. It is a must have in your bathroom!

For the laundry we bought the first bottle of soap and then we fill them up at the waste free shop of our neighborhood.

On the go

We travel mostly with public transport or bikes. When we need a car we rent one. It is not that practical to rent a car with baby car seat to take in and out so we are considering buying one. For some situation, a car is inevitable, so let’s try to have a environmental friendly one.

We also take have our own bags in case we have trash and our water bottle.

When our son drops a trash on the floor, we pick it up.

And when someone we know does it without picking it up, we mention it. We should do it with people we don’t know too, language is mostly a barrier here.

Not doing enough?

Let’s face it, not everyone can go on full zero waste, not every parent. For some, it is simply too stressful to go out with the children.

It gets worse once you work full time, you cannot take the time to cook, to prepare, clean. Yes, we have the picture of a dream life to live on the countryside, grow your own vegetable garden, using no pesticide, working from home, etc…Going zero waste requires a lot of time that not everyone is willing to give. That’s why we create those big grocery stores, with home delivery, to make our life easier. Then we can spend more time outside enjoying ourselves.

I personally feel happy with the little work I do. And here in Western Europe we are doing a lot! And we keep on seeing how not enough it is. In India, the waste management is awful, burning plastic on the street, and they don’t care. It is our job, with the little effort we do here at home, to raise awareness of those people on the road, so they can make a little bit of effort too.  It is only altogether that we can make a real change.