The best religion in the world is yours

People use to be worshipping of any kind of religion. They keep saying it help them to gather the community, to believe on something and to will to make a better world. It has been year the speech has been the same and it has been year that the same people are fighting, tearing the world even more. 

At first, everybody has the same bible, the same story, of a guy who was called by a god. He had the mission to make everybody believe to the same god as he does. Already here, there is something wrong. The prophet would rather force everyone to be like him, a good person as he said, than to respect what the other is.

Then, the prophet was different according to the religion, so was its story. Any prophet it could be, they all had the same value, be good, be wise, and love everyone. If Mohammed and Jesus shouted the same thing, how come their descendants are so different to hate each other?

Religion made war. It began in the Middle Age where the Kings were proud of themselves as believer and deep worship. They were keeping their supplies for themselves while the citizen were sick and in lack of food.

Then, Christians thought to go discover the world. They found America. They killed all the Indians who didn’t want to give up their land. They used black as slave. Red, Black and Whites, all believed in a god who wanted something good for each of the communities. Once the three colors where on the same land, they kept fighting. They shouted it is for god’s sake.

Today, some extremists come to other lands to spread their religion. They convert others by manipulation. They say they are implementing the Koran. By the awful things they’re done, and the noise they make about it, other fears all of them and doesn’t make the difference between those Islam worshipping anymore.

Some religious leader still try to make you thing their own religion is the best one. None of them could stop the war and gather the world altogether. They all made it worse, divided us. I keep thinking that my own religion is the best, and it is not even atheist. Atheist means you don’t believe on anything. We need to believe, but we need to believe in one thing, we have to make our own religion that is not going to be similar to one another. Once you made your strong basis, no one can influence you and you’ll be the strongest believer of your own religion.


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