The future of your finance

Some of you have heard about this, some didn’t, and other barely know about it. Our way to pay with our bankcards is about to change. A revolution is coming ahead, bringing technology to make transfer easier.  After paying online and get discount on your smartphone, to make payment is going to be as easy as it is to slide a finger.

In the United States, some of the new technology appeared already. First of all, cashiers don’t need a desk anymore, they can walk around with their Iphone and simply ask you to slide you card in. The process was famous for Black Friday, it could bring more employee in one night. The same process was also used in festival and fundraising on the street

Closer, in France, an airplane company uses an application on their employee’s Iphone of to make easier for the customers to sign up. You simply have to slide your fingers to write your name on the screen.

The process is going on well and it keep growing up. Soon, a new invention will take place in our society. Coin, also called Only Coin, is a card that gathers all your bank accounts in once. You can have a saving account, checking, credit, for work, home or holiday, everything can simply be found in one magnetic card. When you are about to pay, all you need to do is to push your card to tell it which account you want to use.

Another invention is about the electronic money. The amount you have on your bank account is all about trust, nothing real. Well, BitCoin thought of changing all the currency by making its own digital one. Now, you can travel from San Francisco to Belgium and pay with BitCoin, no more fees, no more charges and no more currency changes. The digital money is the same everywhere. The only glitch you can have with this is that right now, it is now really famous yet, so only few stores use it. The startups still need to grow up and to earn more trust all around the world.

I believe other startups are trying to find something new and useful about making payment in our world. Wait a bit and they would show up from the startups war.

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