There is nothing complicated about the WHV

At first, people told me it would be pretty complicated to get until the last step but actually, it is not. You only have to get ready. I am here to give a few tips and some links about how to do this.

The first advice I can give you to go under the Working Holiday experience in Canada is to get prepared. Gather all the documents you need. You need a résumé, in the Canadian template, a covering letter, a copy of your passport and the forms required are the Family form and the one about the working visa. Once you filled in everything, you are ready to upload them online. You can fill them online or gather the information apart from the form and put everything together once you get to the step.

Canada opened its border for the Working Holiday Visa only once a year. In 2014, it happened in December 2013. From that date, you can apply according to the place available. 700 places were for the Belgian. In France, they are really fast sold out.

Once you have the green light, you can sign up to the IEC Kompass. Never forget your password nor your answer to your secret questions, they will be important during the whole process. If you forget them, you will need to create a new account. There, you need to follow the instructions, they are easy. The government contacts you through mail into your IEC Kompass account. To be able to read them, you should have Adobe reader as your default application to read PDF files.

Then, you will get a letter that will ask you to go on another webpage and to do the test to see if you are eligible to enter Canada or not. You will receive several numbers. Write them down or print the whole page.

You are now ready for the 4th step. You can sign up to CléGC. Once again, you will need to upload all your information and the organization will contact through this account. The Family and Working forms enter here. You can fill them out online. I remind you, you have a limited time to remain into your account, so everything had to be ready before you enter. Once you see at the last line of your process as “closed” and you see your letter, it would tell you if you are eligible or not to enter. With that letter, you have a year to enter the country.

Once there, you can work and go on vacation, whatever you wish to do.

The most important things to remember during the process is to write down all your passwords, answers, and be ready before you get to the uploading steps.

After less than 3 weeks, you can enjoy your letter of acceptance. Welcome to Canada!

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