Get to Know your Flat

It was exactly a year ago when I moved to Prague, after having a job offer. The next step was then to find a place to stay, and it is far from being easy in that capital.

People think Czech Republic is cheap. It is true, everywhere in the country but in Prague. So their expectation is to give way much less rent than first planned. As life is generally cheaper –especially in people’s mind-, the salary is quite cheap as well. I described a bit here how it goes to look for a flat, in the article Settling in Prague: the must to know.

Once you find a great place to live, at least that is when you think you do, you start to see the troubles as well. Some landlord rent beautiful spaces that have some refreshments to be done which you don’t see at first. They don’t care who they rent to as they know there are bunch of potential tenants out there. Of course, this is not for all landlords. Some of them are doing great and those are harder to find too. Because the demand is way much higher than the offer, the rent is very high. Besides that, you can also add the amount of tourists in summer and winter. It is like Air BnB: landlords sell the place very nicely, and then you see it and want to remove or to add stars. There is one problem with this comparison, unless Air BnB, there is no existing rating for long term accommodation.

Hold on, you rate your driver with Uber, your tour with Trip Advisor, your hair dresser on Yelp, your airline on Skytrax, but there is nothing to allow you to rate your rental place. Let’s do something about this.

My plan is to gather stories of tenants in Prague, good ones and worse one. Hopefully later on, landlords would be able to align on a same standard for the value they say their properties are worth. With your help, they can improve themselves for those who need to, or for those who are already doing very well, they can consider to higher their rent or to offer something more to be on the listing of the top landlords of Prague; as for the tenants, you can choose for a more trustworthy place.

Feel free to participate to the project, with sharing your tenant experience here. With many of you, we can make a difference in the sector.