Debate around the bottle on the baby birth gift list

Am I the only one who is shocked to see baby bottles in baby birth gift lists? Breastfeed is the most important way to feed for the first 6 months (and longer). Putting bottles on the list give me the idea that the mum doesn’t even try to give the breast…bottles should be decided afterwards (of course unless any problems mentioned by the doctor before birth)

That is what I wrote once on Facebook. Lost 4-5 friends with that statement and got a lot of people arguing it.

Well, I dont want to take the time to answer each one of them and I don’t feel like I have to defend myself on this.

But I can give you more explanation about it.

First of all, people who disagreed are mostly from the West, where work is very important and takes over family life. Living in eastern Europe opens the mind to the importance of family. I am very proud I got to learn that.

Second, I ain’t saying anything against the bottle fed. Of course it is a life saver. It is saving lives. My son included. But formula must remain a plan B. Breastmilk is free, and is the best to give to your baby. Each new mum should at least give it a try. It is important to bond and to build that close relationship with your child. It is different for each child. You need to try few days before knowing how you want to plan your feeding plans. If you choose formula, then why do you need a bottle before birth ? You’re gonna need to go to the shop anyway to buy the mil

In Belgium, as well as in Germany, mothers spend 3 days at the hospital. There they get all the care needed and can ask all the questions needed.

At home, I heard that in many western countries mothers don’t get the support needed, like a midwife coming every day. That is hard to change unless you have family around you.

Then that society tells mums to stay home 4 months and a week or so for fathers. I thought of myself. I can’t stay home only 4 months with such a little baby. I asked my mum and she told me she took a year for each of us. That made me so proud of her, because now I know that we can all do it if we want to. Still, many parents complain about their parental leave.

And here is where it bothers me a lot. People in general complain more than they act. If more of us would take the time we think is best, then the law will change. Only with acting for our own good first will make changes. Voting for the same big political parties won’t do that for you.

You need to dare to speak to your employer first, to see what could be the possibilities for you to enjoy your parenthood. Personally, I think a mum should stay home at least 6 months and a father at least 6 weeks.

Of course you feel like you have bills to pay and everything. Look further. Even around me where we have good parental leave, some parents struggle and manage. With more time, you spend less.

Everybody should keep the choice in mind for themselves so they wouldn’t blame their society for it.

Yet, only 25% of children in 2006-2012 were entirely breastfed the first 6 months in Europe, 13% in 21 of those countries, which is way below world health organization recommendations. It is so said that people don’t take their opportunity.

You know I am for staying at home the first year, or at least the first 6 months. Well, if everyone would would see their choices, I could understand better those women who choose to go back to work quickly.

I am aware that many people don’t think the way I do and are very upset with it. That’s okay. We don’t live in a world where everybody needs to agree with everyone. We only need to take the action we find best for ourselves and not because society says so. We are not sheep, we are the head of our micro society and we have to do the best for our children.