It is expensive to have a child!

Wrong ! It can be cheap ! Who said you need to buy diapers and formula ? Of course most of the people do, including myself, but, they are ways to handle this with a cheaper way of life. Of course, it requires more time. Often I hear “Less is more” and I can’t agree more on this. Let me show you. Perhaps you can take some tips to adapt in your routine.

First year milk: you can breastfeed ! Take your time, relax, and feed your baby. If you face some medical issues, if you doctor and midwife recommend you otherwise, then yes, formula is great. Don’t forget, Formula is a substitute to breastmilk, it has to be used only when the first option doesn’t work.

Diapers: You can train your baby from day 1 to pee on the sink and then on the loo. You still need some diapers of course, then you can use those washable ones. Once you love one can poop in the loo, I find it much easier to go for washable diapers. What about the wipes ? How do you think they do in Asia ? Use a wet cloth and water, that’s enough. Here, our son can poop in the loo from 10 months old. He does it great outside of home!

Food: cook them yourself. You can first boil some the veggies as recommended by your pediatrician and midwife, then smash them. Later on, you can simply make a puree of what you eat, and then once your baby has teeth no puree at all. Of course, go gradually and do not force your baby to do anything. If he is resistant, distract him and try again another time.

Toys: don’t you get many of them in your baby gift list, Christmas, birthdays…? You can also make some yourself, buy some second hand. At the end, your kid doesn’t need many.

Clothes: Goes pretty much the same as the toys. You can buy them second hand. Your baby won’t have time to dirt them before growing to the next size. If you really feel like DIY, you can of course sew some!

Activities: Going to the park, hanging out with a friend, share a coffee at Ikea (and enjoy the children area), hike, relax along the river’s side or on the border of a lake…Many of them are free or cost no more than 5 euros.

Kindergarten/Schooling: don’t you have still your old materials? or maybe a friend does? My mum found my old swimming bag that now became my son’s kindergarten bag. As for his lunch bag, we have a lot of Tupperware that fits his needs. Also for this, to go to the market is a very good plan. You don’t find one near you ? You can start organizing one at your place with the stuff you have. You can also ask some friends to help you.

Even for yourself, you can make things cheaper, and easier. It will be less fancy, but that leave you and your child more space for creativity! You can paint on the shirts, draw on the lunch boxes…and it gives you more cheap activities! Once again for this Christmas, there is no need to rush at the mall 😉 Do it yourself or buy second hand is always more personalized and better for the environment.