Baby, I lost more than 20kg this year

For those who use to know me, losing over 20 kg would mean being anorexia. Don’t worry, it isn’t. It is pregnancy. I took way too much, about 20 kg and now I lost most of it. I still keep on going. Already, many mums are asking how do I do it. Keep reading, here are the tricks!

First of all, there is no need to spend any money on this. No need to have a baby sitter, no gym, no specific food. That last point is important: keep on eating what you like! (without over exaggerating).

I started taking all the baby friendly sport classes I could with my health insurance. You first step is to ask them what do they offer for new mums. In my case, I had 20 free classes per year. I went for FitDank Baby, Baby swimming, Yoga and “Rückbildung” (After-birth physiotherapy).

At home, I was doing quite a lot too: mostly running and workout. I was using some apps like Female Fitness and Couch to 5k. My Fitbit is keeping track on my exercises. When I was sick of the Female Fitness app (it offers only the same session all the time), I was opening Youtube and started watching the channel PopSugar Fitness.

What was I doing with my son? Sleeping, playing, or watching me! He was always around me during my sessions. I just put my gym carpet next to him and started my exercises. It was sometimes trying to copy. It is so much fun to do it around him. What about the jogging? Well, I took the buggy, he was facing me and we went on a 30 min journey.

When I needed to shower afterwards, I was doing so either during his nap time or taking him with me in the bathroom. Before crawling, I was playing with him while I was in the tub alone. Now that he moves more, it is better just to take him in with you. He gets wet twice the day but that’s okay.

About food? What?  Didn’t see any difference here. Still having an ice cream, but limiting it to once a week, still having a lot of cake, and healthy meals. I did not look at the calories or whatsoever. I actually don’t even know how it works.

The hardest is to find motivation and keep it. With the 5k app, you can actually compare yourself and see that you are doing better. On weekends, we like to go on hiking trip with the whole little family. There is no record of that but I do feel better climbing a hill with a backpack.

When there is an hour free and I just roam around asking myself what could I do, then I just decide to take my phone, key and earphone and start one of the app. It feels much more refreshing and better for yourself. Keep it up !