Luggage’s issues ? Travel smoothly!

Traveling is amazing, but it doesn’t have to start once you get to your destination. It can be from the time your leave your home. A delay, a missing luggage will not destroy your holidays with these few tips.

Of course, you can hire a third party to help you with these. They will take a partial amount of the money you deserve. Airline companies have to follow the law. Let’s see how you can get your full entitlement on European flights.

Missing luggage

You luggage is not at your destination’s airport. Do not panic, in most cases, you get it back within couple days.

First of all, go to the luggage claim and declare your lost belonging. You will receive a code that looks like this : ABC12345.

If you are back to your home country, most likely you won’t be entitled to anything (but you can try!)

If you are traveling, then you can buy the clothes you need and keep the invoices. Once you get the luggage back, you can send them to the airline and request the refund. Buy only what you need, do not go to luxury shops, do not buy for a whole month when your luggage is lost only for 2 days. Airlines refund only what is needed for the period of the missing suitcase.

If after 21 days you haven’t got your suitcase back, you can purchase a new one and replace all the content.

Watch, when you first declare your lost belonging, you specify what was in it. If your sent invoices of items that has nothing to do with your first declaration, you might not be refunded.

Broken luggage 

Here you don’t need to declare it at the airport right away but you do need to make photos as soon as possible. Send it with your flight ticket (or booking confirmation). The company will decide what and how it will refund you.

If it is a small damage, most likely you will get some money back or a voucher. If you can’t use your suitcase anymore, then you can buy a new one. Send both invoices of the broken one and the new one to get refunded. The new one must be in the same price range than the original suitcase.

If you don’t have the invoice of the broken luggage, send a bank statement or in last case, try without. Be aware here that you might not get as much as you expected.