Share to rent: How to create the payment system

They are several walls that come along my way to create Share to rent. I want to share them with you because maybe, you can help me to break through.

The main one is about the payment method. Everyone can register for free. Everyone can post an item to borrow for free.

Then if someone says they have it to lend it over, that person will have to answer 2 questions:

  1. How much do you want to be paid per day ? (with a recommendation of 0,50 € to 2 €)
  2. What is the value of your item ? (Don’t cheat or we will have to investigate you)

Then the one who looks to borrow can accept the offer, or decline.

When he accepts, he will be debited each day of the amount, that will be sent directly to the lender. The company will take 1 euro extra per lent item.

Then the value of the belonging…that will have to be frozen in the borrower’s account, and unfreeze once the item is back in good condition, as confirmed by the lender. If there is a damage or something, then the deposit will have to go to the lender accordingly.

Do you think you can include that into the website ? If so, please send me your quote and tell me more about how to do it!


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