Share to rent getting into shape

Share to rent is taking a bit more shape

Recently I changed the layout to have a map on the first page and some explanation about the project. On the demands section, you can select your country and see what people have been asking to borrow so far.

So now, I am looking for people to register their items! Simply look at what’s on the list. Even if it is not in your city, nor your country, you can register it, it can help later.

Then, I wish to invest into building a better website. Here is how I am imagining it:

A first page showing items that people are looking for, as a grid. Then, you will be able to click on one of them, a ladder for example and click on “I have it! Share it now”. Then a proposal will be send to the person looking for a ladder, and will say “hey that person have one, do you want to rent it from him?” The proposal should include the daily rent and the deposit price.

So it’s like an online shop but the other way around. People show first what they are looking for and you can help them with what you have and earn money from it. All the payment process should be on the website to be able to track, to show transparency and to solve financial issues if there are.

If you feel like you have the skills to build that, please send me your quote ! I have to say, I don’t have any money right now. My next steps are about how to find investors. Any tips are more than welcome.