Share to rent

Hey there, as you know I became a mum 5 months ago, and I had to buy new gears for my little one. Well, everything has a cost, so with my husband, we also found some exchange places and second hand. At the end we barely have anything new.

When I look on Facebook, I see people asking for temporary stuff, like a stroller. I wished I could also have like a baby chair just for few months, or a pram for when I travel to my hometown. Someone has those items right? Not easy to find.

With these ideas in my mind, I create Share to rent, so I can rent from my neighbors and I can publish myself some items online that someone else would need, for few months or only during a visit.

Like everything, everyone, we also like to earn money and have the guarantee that what we share stay in good condition. Share to rent then has a deposit system that you get back when you return the article. You get money from the rental price, and Share to rent does too. Win win!

You know the best? This does not apply to a specific region nor to a specific category of items. I mean, yes I am a mum so it is easier for me to speak about that. You could also publish a photo camera to rent, a board game, some working tools… (Cars and houses already have their renting startup with Drivy and Air BnB).

Don’t worry about starting to list your item as the first one in your area, more will follow you!