First trip with family to Vienna, Austria

For our first trip with our little 2 months old we went to Vienna, Austria. I booked the ticket even before to meet my husband so I was really looking forward that trip.

A bit anxious, of course, and a lot of things changed. I’ve read a lot online and then made my own opinion that I am gonna share with you now.

We left by train. We had an hour in transit. That might seem long but when you are traveling with a 2 months old, it is okay. Actually, time is flying with a baby ! No matter where you or where you are.

It was tough to make him fall asleep. Our midwife recommended us to take the stroller so he has a flat surface to sleep on. The employees in the train were not that friendly and conciliatory with the stroller, I found that very disappointing.

At the hotel, we tried to have breakfast altogether. Of course it failed and then one had to carry up the breakfast for the other. The last day, we eventually made it to show up the three of us.

During the day, we took things slow. We left around 10 am and came back around 4-5pm. I wanted to make sure our baby get some quality naps.

When we walked around, we mostly took the baby carrier. It goes faster to walk through the touristic street. When we wanted to go slow, then we took the stroller.

Our first night was horrible. We were rocking our little baby for hours. We were so exhausted! And then again he was waking up every hours. As it was a new environment, he was scared that we wouldn’t be there anymore.

The following nights were a bit better. I mostly have to stand next to him, to hold his hand for like 20 minutes and he falls asleep until the feeding. You must be very patient and you must answer your baby’s cries. Later on, we traveled to Denmark where the nights were much easier than expected. But that is going to be another story, to follow on the blog of course !

In general, we saw less, but still enjoyed ourselves a lot. It was summer so we spent a lot of times in parks where the baby could kick everywhere. We still managed to see some main touristic attraction like the Opera house, the Imperial Palace, the national library (where our little one surprisingly went so much quiet !), Leopold museum, Alte Donau, etc.

There is one thing I must confess on this story though. I booked this trip because my main reason was to go to Ed Sheeran Concert. Perfect timing, it was the last night of our trip, so baby got use of his environment and went to bed easily with his Papa. After some issues with Uber, I finally came back to the accommodation and could feed my baby an hour later. It was a perfect night.

Since that trip, I feel much more comfortable with my first little one at home to share my life with. Until then, after birth was quite tough as written here on my breastfeeding stories. Trip after trip, we all get closer and closer to each other and I am so eager to share with you guys all the journey we have !