#KnowYourFlat Now in Dresden, DE

This a new project, that concerns more than only one town in the world. So not only Prague, but now also Dresden and soon many more cities will be available on our platform. We are strongly working on it with a team or 3, each of us come from a different continent, which give us a wide view. Our goal is to help expats to find the best accommodation according to their needs.

Personally, I am very proud of how this is going. The survey in Prague showed some hidden data I wouldn’t think of, read here Do I pay the same amount than my male flatmate ?

The survey is now going for Dresden, in English here, and in German here. Please fill it up and help us to keep on growing! Leave your email address at the end of the form to be one of the first one to test our beta version.

You’re also welcome to follow us on Twitter @mcdamman or with the hashtag #KnowYourFlat. Same hashtag is used on Facebook.

Thank you everyone for your participation, keep on sharing the info!