The 10 worst streets to live in Prague

According to the survey, here is how tenants rated some streets as the worst ones according to the services they received from their landlords. Therefore, here is the list of places to avoid in Prague.

  1. Vodní


Located in Smichov, prague 5, even though you can find plenty of option to get to the city center, this street received the lowest score because of the service provided by the landlord. After looking who that could be, I was able to find only the assistant, called Sveta Suprun. She refused to give me more details about the owner. Tenants said it was a scam.

  1. Modreho


This street is in Prague 9, it can seem a bit far from the center. Still, the transportation are quite good in the entire city. The main issue there was that after few months of renting the place, landlords asked for an extra amount of money with no explanation.

  1. Korunni


Higher in the scale because of his location: Prague 10, at the edge with Prague 2, Vinohrady neighborhood; tenants are here once again very disappointed with all the aspects of the professionals skills of their landlords.

  1. Dukelskych Hrdinu


Located in Prague 7, Holesovice, it is a very nice area to enjoy and to get connection to reach the center. An estate agency, Bythos, have flats on that street. I tried to contact them. Today, I haven’t heard from one of their employee yet. According to tenants, their quality of work is very poor.

  1. Ramova


Located in the center of Prague (Prague 1), near Kafka monument, you don’t need transportation there really.  You are already very near to everything you need. Landlords can take advantage of that situation. Actually, there, there have been issues that I already heard during this research: they would consider to kick out someone who complains to much about something that is not working properly.

  1. Slivenecka


At the end of Prague 5, Hlubocepy, this starts to be a bit far from the center, and got only a 2 to 5 on the location scale. Tenants on that street faced personal issues with their landlords. They were omnipresent on their daily life, in a negative way. They seem to be willing to take advantage of foreigners to request extra money for fake damage.

  1. Tomaskova


Located behind the lasertag, in Smichov, Prague 5, it is quite well connected to the center. The service provided by the landlords are not that great though. They don’t answer to tenants requests when they need their help to solve an issue with the flat.

  1. Ovenecká


In Prague 7, Holesovice, it is very easy to reach the other side of the river. Though, Landlords on that street are rude. It is very hard to communicate with them and to solve issues together with the tenants.

  1. Seifertova


In Prague 3, Zizkov,  walk few meters, cross the rail tracks and you are already in the center. Another estate agency is in charge of flats there, called PSN. They have a poor score on the scale too. Tenants say it is complicated to communicate with them, they don’t trust they are respecting their part of the lease agreement and in average, they have a poor image of that company.

  1. Antoninska


Another flat located in Holesovice, Prague 7. Here things goes better. We know now that is a good neighborhood to have connection. To pick a place to chill, the street is definitely not the best. The main issue here is that landlords and tenants don’t speak the same language so when something is going wrongly, it is hard to communicate. Also tenants feel like landlord don’t try to get involve in what is actually going on in the flat.

So here you know few streets to avoid in Prague. You can feel like this is not accurate. If you do, please fill in this form. If you are a landlord, and thinking the same, share the form with your tenants so they can improve the score. Don’t forget to ask them to mention your name.