Know Your Flat CZ – Do I pay the same amount than my male flatmate?

“How much shall I pay for my flat?” This questions come back often on dedicated Facebook groups. It is hard to evaluate according to your salary how much should go into a flat to rent. Well, here are few guidelines.

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Most of the tenants spend about 30% of their salary. With a basic one, around 15k net, the rent can take more space in their budget, with an average of 35%.

salary - gender

There is another big difference in those numbers: if you are a guy or a woman, because yeah, the survey showed that Prague is also sexist. Men earn way much more than women. Therefore, they have more money to spend in their flat. The numbers also showed that this situation helps them to maintain a good relationship with their landlords. Following this chart, men can earn more than women and in average, they do too. They can get about 40k month against 30 for the other gender.

I was feeling this issue without really knowing about it. As you, I was very surprise to see that information!

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Because of this difference on the salary, women can spend less money into the rent. You can see it on this chart with the blue dots standing on the left side. The black line keeps increasing though, that is for what tenants spend for their flat.

Average landlord score - gender .png

Women also move out to a different country earlier than guys. Younger, and then more naïve, it takes some time to understand the reality of where they live. They pick rooms to rent in city center, cheaper , feel safer, and closer to connection. It seems like landlords take advantage of these. Women rated their services with low scored and mixed opinion as the blue area shows. re most likely unhappy with the services provided than guys as the blue area shows. On the contrary, men are most likely very happy with what they have, more toward outside of town, in their own flat.

So what you should do? Either you are a man or a woman, there are actions you can take. First of all, as a man, you can request a raise according to women’s, and you can offer them your support when they need to communicate with their landlord. As a woman, you now know the reality of the gender difference in the country. Use it to get the same rights. You can also find more resourceful information here in the European website. Their study showed the same differentiation.

No matter who you are, you can always answer this survey and share it with your friends in Prague so we can keep on working on a better place to live for both female and male expats

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