The top 10 streets to live in Prague

According to the survey, here is how tenants rated their street as the best ones to live in Prague. They voted on different points, included the services received by their landlord and the localization of their properties.

  1. Drevna

Located in Prague 2, the neighborhood is also called New Town. Those flats are well connected to the city center, you are near to everything you need and want. When the landlord is a family living in the building, then you can feel that they are doing their best to make you feel like at home too!

  1. Husitska


Located in Prague 3, or called Ziskov, this street received a full score for connections to the city center and for the relationship with the landlord. I can recommend it! Landlords mostly speaks Czech on that street so it is easier to have a translator. Once you do, they can be very helpful!

  1. Na Veseli


Located in Prague 4, or Nusle, this is is only about 20 min away with public transportation to the city center. Landlords speak English here and they are concerned about keeping tenants for a while, and therefore make them feel like at home.

  1. Orebitská


Also in Ziskov, this street received also a full score! Any kind of issues are solved within a day.

  1. Laudova


Located in Prague 17, it can seems a bit far from the city center and it might be the reason why the street lost a point on connections. Though, you can live there peacefully as there is nothing to worry about. Landlords are cooperative according to tenants.

  1. Michelská


Also in Nusle, Prague 4, it seems like this street is hidden between connections. Besides that, everything is fine really, landlords are great, tenants say.

  1. Na Zahonech

michle08Another one in Nusle, Prague 4, a peaceful neighborhood apparently! You just need to wait a bit longer for your public transport if you wanna live on that street.

  1. Rabynska


In Prague 12, I can understand that this place is a bit further away and harder to get to the center. Don’t worry thought, it only lost a point on the location question. The landlords is very attentive to your needs.

  1. Havanská


Located in Prague 7, it has a great access to the city center. Landlords are great they say, only a bit slow to do the proper repairs.

  1. Nyklickova


In Prague 5, Smichov, landlords here also give a harder time to their tenants to do the required repairs. Nevertheless, they seem very attentive to tenants well-being with asking regularly how everything goes.

You are a landlord? Let your tenants fill in this survey and to mention your name on it. If you’d like to advertise, do not hesitate to drop me a message through the form here. As a tenant, you can also fill it up to change the ranking and share it with your mates.