Resources to look for a flat in Prague

On Facebook, I see often the following question: I am looking for a flat of 15k* with an easy access to the city center of Prague, where shall I look? Well, after studying many answers, I can now provide you with the best guide.

First of all, looking for a flat in the Czech capital is far from being easy. The demand is way much higher than the offers. Actually, with a basic salary of 15k czk per month, people spent about 35% into their rent according to this study. As their wage increase, the amount they spend into the rent tend to be the same, reducing the percentage of this expense.

The study is still going on. It aims to help expats to have a better understanding of the place they look to rent. Please fill it up and share it with your co-tenants. More data there are, more feedback the next person will have to choose where to live.

Facebook itself have more than 15 groups to help you out to look for a flat, then there are also some estate agencies and private websites. When you look for a room, I recommend you strongly to type on your search engine what people say about the place. You never know, it can be a scam that someone already reported publicly, or someone else shared their amazing experience with their flat owner, which would mean for you not to hesitate to take the flat right away.

So let’s start with a first list of links of resources to find a flat within Facebook, then if you don’t see your dream flat when scrolling, you can always use the search feature:

  1. Prague Flat Finder
  2. Flatshare Prague
  3. Flatshare in Prague and Flat Rentals with no commission
  4. Flat Rent Prague (no agency fees)
  5. PRONÁJEM/PODNÁJEM pokojů a bytů v Praze BEZ REALITKY
  6. Erasmus flats in Prague. Best rooms for accomodation. Rent and flatsharing.
  7. Housing Prague 2017 – Room Flat Finder
  8. Expats in Prague – Sellanystuff /rent or share accommodation
  10. PRAGUE: FLATSHARE FLATS ROOMS | Praha: Spolubydlení Byt Pokoj (EN/CZ)
  11. Real estates in Prague (Rent/buy/Flatshare)
  12. FLATSRENT IN PRAGUE & Apartment
  13. Flatshare student room flat Prague
  14. PRAGUE Accommodation: FLATS for rent
  15. Flats for rent in Prague

And now private websites:

  1. Realingo
  2. Flatshare
  3. FlatWizz
  6. BezRealitky
  7. MoveToPrague
  8. Happy House Rental
  9. Home Sweet Home
  10. Sreality
  11. Annonce
  12. Erasmus in Prague
  13. Rental Info
  14. Reality 5

I may not have found all the websites and Facebook groups yet. If you have another one to recommend, please let me know.

Good luck on your research and please fill in the survey!

Photo: Flickr / Giuliana