Traveling while being pregnant

After traveling all around North America and in Europe for the last 5 years, I recently discovered my pregnancy, and that was not something that was going to stop my travels.

Not having your periods is the first sign to worry, they say. Well, I do use to worry a lot, so I waited even longer to consider it. Feeling ill, tired, nausea all day and especially on the morning made me want to see a doctor as I had a trip planned couple days later. Well, turn out I went to the drugstore instead and took a pregnancy test. My first thought was “I am still going on that trip!” I only paid attention to be well-informed. I went on the Belgian government website (my home country) to get to know more about healthcare and security in those lands I am traveling to.

My current partner helped me to get to the flight, departing from Vienna (we live in Germany/Czech Republic, which made the journey longer and more exhausting). The next day, I basically slept all day.

The rest of the trip went fine. Just annoying to travel to Balkan countries when everyone is allowed to smoke everywhere, around backpackers who drink a lot all night, but walking around, sightseeing under the sunny weather was just amazing.

Once we came back, we looked after the next trip: India! Which is more complicated to plan with the passport that needs to be up to date, the vaccinations and the VISA. Airlines companies on the other hand allow you to board up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. That information doesn’t matter for the paperwork but it does, for the vaccination. Czech Republic for instance refuses to give any injections to pregnant women. In Belgium on the other hand, the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerpen does, for some of them. Looking at the list of what is required for India, one injection is not permitted. It would have been fine if I had been to such a country before so I would already have those antibodies in me. The trip is then postponed for me and the kid for next winter.

Instead, I can still go to Europe with no problems. Besides my home country, we haven’t planned much trips. Probably a weekend somewhere would be nice to enjoy a bit of warm sun on the big belly.

For more information about which vaccination you can get or not, please contact the Institute of medicine in Antwerpen. For information about traveling by plane, contact your airline company, and any other info, your gynecologist is the best person to ask. Have a safe trip.

PIC: Frank de Kleine/ Flickr

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