Make the weekend a full week in Prague

Czech Republic is an awesome country where you could stay for a couple weeks or more. There are areas outside of the capital that are really worth it. Most of the people know or want to get to know the capital though. Prague offer already a lot of possibilities over the weekend. Afterwards, the weekends usually end up like a full week, only in Prague. Here is why.

You should start your stay with the visit the old town. Go for a free walking tour, listen to the history of the Jewish quarter (which is very small!) and the crazy part of history of the city that you haven’t heard off. On the old square, look where the tourists stand and if they look up, do the same. The hours will ring and present a little show.

Then, you could do either a day around the castle. Start your journey from Charles Bridge. Keep your valuable close to you! A lot of pick-pockets succeed there. Walk around it, find the monastery, the library, walk through the hill, to the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a beer. There are also plenty of nice spot where you can stop and enjoy a picnic.

Once few meters lower, you can also find Valdstejnsky Palace and Lennon Wall where you can fight with other tourists to have a picture of yourself taken in front of the colorful wall. Then you can keep walking to Kampa; cross the bridge Most Legii and play as a kid on the playground on the island.

Another day in Prague can be shopping if you like to. Mustek is the famous place for that, with a lot of souvenir shops as well. Do not forget to stop for a slide at Hamley’s! You can also shop in Palladium on Namesti Republiki. Sometimes there are also small food and medieval markets next to it.

South of Prague is also fun with the visit of Vysherad, and a walk on the riverside on Naplavka. More south again, there is also Zlutne Lazne, which is like a beach. You can play sport, enjoy a beer and water activities.

The 5th day, you can try to go market hunting across the narrow streets. There are also plenty of free events, you can find them either on the tourism website or on the Facebook group.

For a nice evening full of Czech food and night life, I invite you to read one of my previous blog post to get the best tips.

The capital, its nice buildings across the street, a lot of parties, some parks, the river…at some point you can feel suffocating. Well, still in town you can go hiking! For example you can take the public transportation to Prokop valley. Other nature areas surround the city. You can easily escape for a day.

After such full days, you must rest. There are plenty of hostels here that offer private rooms. It’s perfect when you need more personal space or when you travel with your soulmate. Prague is known also as a romantic town. Many people told me before to move here that they actually got engaged on Charles Bridge.

Anyway, back to the accommodation, I can recommend you few ones:

At the end, your stay is actually way much longer than a weekend. As I said, there are so much to do here. During winter time, there are Christmas markets; Easter and its eastern markets, Summer and just get lost, you will see something happening, like concerts, markets, or hidden sculptures. Prague is full of surprises that you should not miss by coming here only a couple days. Stay longer, and enjoy its mysteries.


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