LP: No creative souls deserve to die

We are part of the generation who grew up as teenagers under the sounds of System of a Down, Metallica and Linkin Park.

While our parents were too busy in their life, when we found it hard to make friends in high school, and when we were having such a hard time to understand where we could be good at, those sounds were playing over and over again in our bedrooms.

Even hearing the hard-core rhythms from the outside, our family wouldn’t worry.
And still, we were listing to Numb or In the End for over 20 years.

We felt like we survived depression more than once thanks to those meaningful lyrics. Some of us even tried to copy Chester Bennington while singing those songs.

Those historical albums, Hybrid Theory or Minutes to Midnight among others, also gathered people together. While presenting their last album One More Light last month on summer tour across Europe, I had the chance to be one of the billion fans who saw Bennington not long before his death with a Dutch, an Italian and a German. No matter where we come from, we could all understand the message.

I also heard some people being disappointed of the pop sounds of that opus. Brian Storm describes it in his article on Rockfeed. Linkin park grew with us. the band needs a new public. The lyrics are still meaningful, and some of the old fans remain “nowadays” fans. The violent reaction of few people from the public towards those new songs might have been one of the reasons of his end according to Storm. Wikipedia also states that Bennington took the reaction very personally. I do agree with Storm. People are nasty between themselves.

Look the video in that article on Rockfeed. Bennington received a cup on the stage and still, people kept singing with him. He smiled. Positive actions have such a stronger impact. Besides, with Chester’s death, even more people would go to buy Linkin Park’s last album. Already 111,000 of them were sold the first week, similar amount than the previous one according to LoudWire.

Sometimes, it is necessary to breath and to remember. It is not because a bunch of people say they love you or hate you that make you less nor more a lovely person. That is what Stromae, a Belgian singer, has been doing. After reaching success, he remained away from the media. Really, taking a step back can save a life or two.

Chester Bennington dies on Thursday 20th, the day of the 53rd birthday of Chris Cornell, 24h before Belgian’s national day, and before I get my ticket for another concert: Ed Sheeran.

I remember many artists fall into drugs and alcohol. Like those addictions help them to remain creative. We all are creative. No one needs to get killed to be famous. We all have to understand where to put our energy and we have to be strong not to let ourselves fall into society’s standards. We don’t all fit in and that’s okay.

Now my worries go for Ed Sheehan who also has alcohol issues. Since he got popular with his singles The A Team and Thinking out Loud, he got to meet a lot more of that atmosphere. He is a great song-writer and singer. He started very low to get where he is today. Ed, don’t dare to blow up your life please.

Not that only artists kill themselves or we wouldn’t listen to those lyrics. Chester’s tribute mentions “Goodbye and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that you’ve escaped your demons”. While being alive, I learnt to do the same, to let my demons go through my keyboard. Later on, I noticed it wasn’t enough and decided to travel. Then, I remember there are people who has way much less and who feel way much happier.

Don’t look for success, only look for yourself, and your piece of happiness will follow.

Picture: Flickr/Habib Obi


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