The route to Narnia

A whole weekend off, with 25°C that feels like 35°C is planned ahead as the forecast says. Time for my friend and I to organise a hiking trip. Someone whispers our route go near the Narnia scene, a little bit of editing and we’re ready to go!

The hike started very early with a train from Prague to Decin. There, we started to climb up, up, and up still. We follow the riverside to Hrensko. We couldn’t see the water the whole way. Trees were hiding it.

At some point our maps told us to go around a village to follow the path again. We found a shortcut, crossing a field, keep on going straight and then down, down, and down still, until finding the path again.

Once back on track, we found paradise. The plants were yellow. A stream was following us –or we were most likely following the stream-, making this walk very enjoyable. We crossed it, played with it, and found a bunker on the other side of the stream. It is tiny, dark, and pretty well hidden in the vegetation. With a flashlight, some of us dared to get it.

Unfortunately, that path had to end. We arrived then to Hrensko. There, we finally found the actual river we were supposed to follow the whole way. As we were way on time on schedule, we decided to stop for a swim with or without swimsuit. Quickly, we didn’t have feet.

In the city center, we found more information about how to get to our accommodation. We were actually late on schedule. We had to change plan in order to be to the campsite during check in hours. Well, as some of the last boats left, we could do only a small part of the river, and had to keep walking. Nice, the sign says we are 2 km away to the next village. It forgot to mention that those 2 km were only climbing up.

Once at the top, every one of us were so exhausted, thinking of a solution how to get our feet to the campsite which was still few km away. We booked 2 cabin houses at Mosquito. After a good dinner at Mezna, we caught a bus. The driver was so nice and drove us to the camp directly.

Finally, it was time to drink, play scout games, and to enjoy a campfire.

The next morning, we left quiet early in order to keep on walking to Narnia. Some of us went back for a swim and took the bus to the touristic attraction.

With a few more friends, I took the path. We started to get a little bit lost, then we discovered some beautiful sand stones to climb into. After a couple hours walk, we finally found the enormous Narnia stone. It started to get sundown, our friends who left by bus warned us the last one wasn’t that late. Looking at our watch, feeling our fatigue, we had the option to keep on discovering the place or to start walking on the way home.

After an unnecessary last run, we were able to catch the bus. Once again, the driver dropped us directly at the train station. Then, bunch of people ran for the same train, to Prague.

Now we were all ready to sleep off, to make dreams of the yellow paradise and the Narnia stone.


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