Spring in Czechia

After writing about the winter time, and some cozy places to keep warm, it is time for me to talk to you about the sunny weather and all the activities it brings with it.

Once the sun rises and the temperature gets above 25°C, it feels like it is around 35°C here. Beer-garden are open everywhere, on Petra hill, Neplavka along the river side, and in each parks. Sometimes they offer different events such as street concerts, DJ’s, football game on screen, outdoors movies, and so on. It is very easy to grab a beer, enjoy the warm temperature and chill after work.

During day off, there are a lot more to do. Prague’s zoo can already entertain you for a full day. If you are strong enough, you can combine with the botanical garden the next day. Prague’s zoo was rated the 4th best zoo of the world by Trip Advisor in 2015. This is one attraction you can’t miss. Even the playground looks adorable made of wood!

Czech Republic is just amazing for its nature. You can go on hike every single day. You can walk through the sand stones in Bohemian Paradise; spend the weekend hiking to the Narnia’s stone in Bohemia Switzerland, and touch the border with Germany; or you can simply enjoy a big park around Prague to take amazing pictures of cliffs, and still, you remain in the capital, like at Prokopské údolí.

In each of these natural parks, you can walk around, bike, hike, enjoy the nature and look for bunkers. Signs remind you to keep following the tracks. Mines could remain around. Those bunkers look very small, and sometimes well hidden in the plants.

When you are quiet enough, you can hear some animals walking through the leafs. If you are very lucky, you can even see which one it is!

Follow your map for not getting lost, or ask you way around in German. Would be even more convenient to ask in Czech or to travel with a Czech mate. English isn’t the main language people use around here. As a map to hike, I can recommend you Mapy.cz. It shows you the different paths you can take.

If you decide to stay in the city or to go away for a day or two, there is always a lot of natural places to discover. Prague is very busy during the summer, and not only with all the tourists coming in town to visit it, but also for the locals who leave it for more peaceful areas.


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