We love coffee (and chocolate)

It was winter. The weather is cold and the snow pretty thick in Prague. When the touristic period has been gone, the city gets a bit boring to. You ask people around you about what’s nice to do in this depressing time. With one of my closest friend, we found something our own: to try the best coffee place, enjoy our hot chocolate on cosy couches while looking at the snowflakes through the window.


We were looking to have a cosy evening in Zizkov. On a Sunday evening, it was tough to find anything open with that atmosphere. No54tu was. They offered a large choice of milkshakes. Instead of going for hot chocolate, we had milkshakes. They can even make them with soy milk! Pretty early though, we got kicked out by a bunch of nerd playing board games.

Choco Loves Coffee

People usually know that I am from a chocolate country. On a date, the man took me to that place especially for that reason. The place was the only good thing about that evening. They have plenty of cakes, large choice of coffee and hot chocolate. They all look so delicious! The place is a bit Frenchy and cosy too. It is a cute place to take a woman on a date.


This place can get so crowed. It is located downtown. We can find there a lot of expats and tourists. It is pretty nice to work there with a computer. They have Wi-FI and the staff is helpful to advise you where to look when you try a google search in Czech. With the wide window on the street side, it is also easy for people to find you.

The Globe

This fancy coffee is well known for the expat community. They have first a library with books in English, then the coffee place. They offered alcoholic coffee (that’s all I can remember; these were the only ordered I had). They also have some activities in there like workshops and presentations.

La Bohème Café

This “hipsty richy” coffee place is a nice place to discover teas as well. They show on the display a lot of different kind of coffee and tea, with their accessories. Everything seems quite expensive though. Here again, it can be very crowded. They also offer nice little slice of cake. Everything seems little and a bit noble.

Cafe Arieta

Lost in the city, walking around, doing some tourism, we wanted only one thing: find a nice place to sit down and enjoy a good coffee. We found then this place. I liked it from the name already. A bit hidden in the galleries, the place is also very small. The barista was very nice too, trying to speak our language (then took me for a French, as everybody does). We could also find sockets to charge our phones.

Сacao Prague

This is so far my favorite place. It gets crowded sometimes so I should definitely remember to book! The company is very active on social media, commenting and retweeting your check in’s. They offer a large menu of brunch and delicious coffee. I always love to bring my friends over, seat on the bench and sometimes just go for a drink, and sometimes go for a proper breakfast. The only thing I disliked there was the glass of water I had to pay.

I would recommend mostly Café Arieta, Choco Loves Coffee and of course Cacao. All of them were quite nice but these three are on my top list. I am sure I haven’t tried all the coffee places of Prague yet so if you have any other in mind, please leave a comment with your thoughts about those. I will perhaps go and check them out too to update this article. One last tip, try to book anywhere you go in Prague, even for coffee places.


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