A perfect night out in Prague

There are so much places to discover in #praha #pool #pub #drinksIt has been soon three months since I moved to Czech Republic. After the UK, I wanted to experience another new country, where I don’t know anything, not even the language. But this is not the thing I most struggle with.


Czech food is a lot about meat and potatoes. I became ¾ vegetarian few years ago. So It is hard for me to find a good place where I can enjoy a good place that offer another vegetarian dish than pasta.

When my friends from Belgium first came to visit me here, they wanted to try typical Czech food. They took me to Mlejnice. The atmosphere is really nice there. They have some local dish in Prague. And it is hard to find that in town. They also have different options for vegetarian like humus. This was a really good choice:

We also went to U Zlatých ručiček as Yelp suggested. This was a less good choice. My friend ordered a huge piece of meat, serve with some sauce, while I had a basic dish. Juices were from Mappy. We are always trying to have some fresh homemade lemonade. This is nice a standard place but not a place to come to show a typical Czech way of going out for food.

Near my work place we have Meat & Greet. We tried few time to get in. It seems really popular. They have vegetarian burgers, and some sauces really tasty next to that. Of course, there are fresh homemade lemonade. It is a really good place to go for burgers.

Another great burger place is The Craft: Food & Beers. They offer a small panel of local beers, really tasty as well, and some good vegetarians option. They have also some good sauces to go with the burger, like pumpkin, garlic and so on.

With work, we went to Grosseto, an Italian pizzeria place. They do sell good pizza with a crusty thin crust. Also here it is not a problem to be a vegetarian. It actually sounds easier in foreigner restaurants.

Night life

After food, we usually go for beers, for one, two or more.

With colleagues, they showed me Poco Loco as the place to be to drink cheap beers, smells cigarette but mostly to play free table football. The place is located near Namesti Miru so it is easy to access for most of us.

Another famous place for foreigners is Vinárna U Sudu. This underground place take you from one room to another, from one bar counter to another until reaching the table football in a hall way. This place can be crowded if you get in too late.

My phone recommended me Bar No. 7 as a popular bar for expats. The atmosphere was really reddy, and the bartender did speak English. But besides these, there were not much about this place.

Nová Vzorkovna, also called the dog bar by most of the people around here. I personally call it the wolf bar. This place is awesome. Inside, it look like a maze with paths upstairs and downstairs. A bit hipster, you can enjoy your drink on a trunk or on a door, play table football in hallway that is dedicated only for this, or swing all night long. Sometimes, there are some concerts as well, and sometimes, the mascot of the pub is on stage. It is a huge white dog, so big that I would actually call it a wolf (It is definitely a dog). In the bathroom there, you can also find someone speaking about your country. From Belgium, I didn’t expect to see something written from another mate. It can look quite strange to order beers. Bartenders don’t deal with money. You first an electronic bracelet at the entrance and when you order, you chip and go. That way, you don’t really see how much you have left and how much you should deal with during the night. Anyway, there is always a story happening in that place. You’d better get there really early as late at night the queue can be long;

If you feel more like having a nice single drink, such as a cocktail, in a trendy place, I would suggest to go to AnonymouS. You can even play with the place and the menu, like a detective. The concept is really well made but watch the price on the menu, there are real too, and therefore, really expensive.

You would therefore change your mind for a cozier wine place like Na šikmé ploše near the river side. They offer a large range of different kind of really good wine, some of them that you can drink like syrup.

After drinking, it is time for a little fun.

Some people go clubbing. Nebe is really famous in Prague, with clubs at different locations. The entrance fee is free, drink expensive and it is mandatory to pass by the cloakroom. Once inside, the music is mostly pop, for everyone to dance on. It is a nice club to finish the night.

Another way to finish well a good night out is to go Billard Centrum. This shed has plenty of pool tables, American and normal kinds, but also one table football and some bar games. You can easily spend hours there trying to play everything.

If you can manage, to it all within one night, or do as much as you can, and you would finish dead the next day, trying to remember where are all the place where you’ve been. Likely, My phone remembers for me so I can write those down for you. Keep following my blog, more posts about Prague are coming soon, notably about the culture choc with the people here, the coffee places and touristic attractions to see.


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