Living in the North of Manchester

Duncan Hull / Flickr

It has been a month now since I left the UK. Here are few things I will definitely remember about that way of life:

First of all, I remember the roads, where everyone drives on the left. It is confusing when, as a pedestrian, you need to cross the road. It is better to look twice in both direction, since we always start turning our head in the wrong direction.

As a driver, it is okay as long as the road remains straight forward. Once you have to turn it is confusing, or when you have to get out of a parking lot, or worse, when you have to enter a roundabout.

Besides this confusion for continental people, I noticed that it is confusing for British people themselves. On my way from work, which is about 30 min by bus, I could see two RIP ornaments. Once, I even saw a car in the church’s wall. The road was straight, easy, and still, car was able to destroy a catholic wall.

Besides the car accident, the neighborhood I used to live in, Moston, didn’t feel really safe. At night shift, I could meet young girls on my way, and having the feeling they were trying to steal me. My flatmates told me other similar stories.

On the way to work, just before the city center, there is that neighborhood called Northern Quarter. This place seems far from the problems more north. People are still crazy there but in a better way.

You can find vintage stores, hipster cafés, a palace full of markets, included tattoo and piercing stores. A lot of pubs are there around too. Of course they would always be the British style but in the Norther Quarter, owner would try to add a little bit of something else, like an atmosphere, or only nice decoration.

If I would do it again, I would try to live somewhere south. I heard there is a bigger vegetarian/vegan community. Sometimes it is so hard to find a vegetarian store, or to eat a vegan whipped cream. I am still looking for that today, but in a totally different country, which I am going to talk to you about the next following weeks. Keep updated!


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