Brexit: It’s time to go emigrate to the UK!

Flickr / Stephen

During the Brexit, many young people think it is not possible to emigrate to the UK anymore. Though, it is still a good destination to improve your English and get to professional experience.

For personal reason, I moved there. I first needed to get my NiNo number, you get it only through an appointment that you can get here. The governement then will give you an appointment to your local office. You will receive a letter to confirm that. If you don’t move out, keep that letter so it can also be a proof of address when you apply for jobs and for a bank account.

If you moved out before opening you bank account, the best is to give the council taxes mail. You get it once you register at your city council. Once you have your bank account, you can use bank statements. You want to start with a free account. Personally, I started with Natwest and I was really happy with the service there.

To start with a good phone subscription, most of the youth emigrates take Giffgaff, which is a pay as you go that also offer subscription but you can get out anytime you want to no extra fee.

In the North, it is really easy to get a job. Actually, because of the Brexit, employer are having a hard time to hire people. I saw more and more sign of restaurants, clothing shops and café’s asking to hire.

If you have a degree, you can actually get interviews. I was often able to pass the first round, but I barely made it to the third. Coming from Western Europe where the Economic crisis hit us, I was already happy to have some job interviews and to be able to work full-time while waiting to get something better.

The estate market is doing okay too. The best place to look for a place to rent is Zoopla. Of course, in Manchester, to be in the city center you will have to spend a lot of money in the rent. On the other hand, there are a lot of buses and you can find affordable places 30 min away. Also, there are some creepy and dodgy landlords. An advice, read carefully the contract, change everything that needs to and ask about registration. For a house-share, the landlord has to pay the council taxes. If once you get you registered, you get the bill, it probably means your landlord is not respecting the law.

As the house market is doing okay for renting places, it would be easy to find a better place to stay.

Of course, some people are rude because you are a foreigner. But hey dude, if you kick out all of them, who is going to serve your coffee so you can stay awake all day and work on your computer? Who is going to clean your street and to serve you good food at the restaurant? British people still needs immigration for odd jobs and employers are having a hard time to find foreigners – as British themselves would not necessarly apply for those jobs – so it is the time to emigrate there. By the time the governement applies the Brexit, there are chance you will be settle and the country will actually need you to stay. I have then only one advise: take your chance today


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