Coffee places in Manchester, UK (3/3)

The Koffee Pot

Koffee Pot/ Foursquare by Koffee Pot

This looks like a nerdy place. Between fan of Star Wars and video games and coffee lovers, you can find vegan and vegetarian dishes in good portion. They also make good coffee. My legendary soy cappuccino was ran out though. The waitress gave me the option to change it for almond or coco milk. I chose almond and the coffee tasted very good. I was surprised that coffee places wouldn’t offer this choice more often! Then, they got the wrong bread too, asking to change the toast to a proper bread piece which looked like a German bread. Also here, it tasted much better. So next time, perhaps ask what the options are and if you have more European tastes, don’t hesitate to change few things on your menu.
PS: they also have happy hours, with a free bottle of Prosecco once you order 2 glasses!

The Mcr Coffee Co

This is a small place to enjoy your coffee. They offer only snacks for food. The inside is chill and the entire place is located downtown near the buses that go North so it is a really good meeting point as well. Besides the snacks, I also didn’t like the apple juice that came from Coca Cola company. I was expecting something more local and more special.

My top three of coffee places in Manchester is easy to list. On first, I am putting Foundation House Café for its events, nice staff and a lot of seating available, to work, to chat, or to meet with people. Then, I really enjoyed Fig and Sparrow, for their ethic store at the front, the friendly staff as well and seating for freelances. Finally, I liked Takk for the same reason and also because the theme reminded me of my trip to Iceland which I really enjoyed. My poor time with no WiFi connection pushed me to discover all those places, to enjoy coffees a bit more every day .


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