Coffee shops in Manchester, UK (2/3)

Takk / FourSquare by Torsten L.

Ezra & Gil

This place downtown Manchester is a bit pricier than the other one, and really famous though. The day I went there (on a week day), it was full of customers. The coffee shop was loud and then not easy to work on freelance projects. Also, the counter near the window is not flat, which can be nice to give it a certain style but not practical to work with a computer and a cup of coffee next to it. There were though the best spots that offer plugs.

The service wasn’t great either. I got the wrong coffee (and I am lactose intolerant so it can turn bad if I don’t double check), and once I got mine and sat, another barista came to me with a second coffee. Surely, he got that order wrong too.

This is definitely not in my list of the best coffee places.

North tea power

The music here can be a bit loud sometimes too, but the place has an alternative taste which is pretty nice. They make home made juice really tasty. Drinking to much coffee would have made me to tense to keep on working. The plugs are not easy to find but the staff seems nice and you can always ask them. Inside, it can get really warm, and some of the benches are not fixed like the others so it can get pretty scary. That’s okay, even if it is raining, it is easy to enjoy your drink outside as they have a covered terrace.


This Icelandic coffee shop is so nice. The first thing that you see once you come in is a staff member saying “hi” with a wide smile. Once you are really inside, you have school tables, from elementary school of the age of our grand parents. They are small then and unsteady so not easy to work on it though. The meals there are pretty pricey too, perhaps it is what to expect for an Iceland coffee place when you know the country is pricey itself? Besides that, I would definitely come back again for a coffee.

Wonder inn

This coffee was called “the french coffee” by ourselves as they were playing French music the day my partner discovered it. When I came to see it, they were not playing that kind of music anymore, still, they have a good taste of jazzy sounds. On Google, I could read it is an organic coffee, I have seen that, with the Vegan menu at the counter, but I wouldn’t really say it is a coffee. They didn’t have a coffee machine, and the WIFI was not working. The heaters were not working and during the winter time, the place got really cold.

They also have extra seating at the back. The low lights in the whole coffee shop gives a romantic atmosphere. This might be a good reason to be in such cold place, people would perhaps hugs more under those lovely decoration. I would try again this place, and I hope those issues will be fixed so I could fully enjoy it.


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