Freelance coffees in Manchester, UK

5087437448_1689b5784f_bMy first weeks in Manchester were difficult. With no WiFi at home, and the desire to look for jobs, I had the mission to look for the best café where I would go again for the next rooter crash. I went to see plenty of them, so here is the first set. Keep following my blog to see the final result of what I chose to be the best coffee places in town.

Costa, Nero, Starbucks

Those brands are famous, and everyone in the UK (and across the world as well). So famous that staff and customers speak generally more than one languages. When you have an open mind, it is easy to make a new friend there. Besides, those places are often crowded, especially during peak hours (morning, lunch time & after work).

I spent my time mostly at Nero, where the ventilation was really cold (it was summer time) that I actually had to think of bringing a sweater with me. The plugs are easy to target, and there are suitable and comfy seats to work on some freelance stuff.

According to other coffee shops, those big brands are a bit expensive though for a simple cappuccino with soy milk. There are also big companies so the stuff won’t necessary know much about the local way of life. Those cafés are easy to spot and comfy but there are also local cafés much more cuter and nicer to try. Here are some below.

Foundation house café

This café is often open, with flexible hours so when you go there during week hours, it is quiet and nice to work on personal things. On Saturdays, it is definitely louder and more crowded, with music on. They also have a lot of activities going on there, like concerts and workshops. The place is big, which gives the opportunity to have more than one things going on at the same time.

There are also a lot of plugs, easy to target. The inside looks like a warehouse which is really enjoyable. I like to go back there and I do definitely recommend it.

Fig and Sparrow

This cute local coffee shop is really nice. It includes a book exchange shelf and a tiny store, selling handmade and organic products. The coffee there is really good. It is really cozzy to sip it in a hipster atmosphere. Also, they are really fast to respond on Social Media, even for only a “Thank you”!  I heard people recommending this coffee place, well, since I tried it, I loved it too.


This nice and alternative coffee place offer a cozy environment to work on art project or to take part to some non-profit events. At the counter, you can order vegan food, and drink something different than the popular brands. I really like to go there, working on my writing projects while my partner plays his board games with his friends. I can look up my computer screen and watch other drawing. At the time we get kick out, other activities come and take places, such an asylum festival, with documentaries and debates.


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