Don’t let yourself seduced by some company’s profiles

Lauren Coolman / Flickr

You’re traveling, or not, settling in a new town, looking desperately for a new job. You might have a degree; in any case you are looking to gain new skills, and to earn money to survive in this financial world.

Some companies will sell you dreams to hire you. They are interviewing people from different backgrounds, different experience and who have personality. Then, you meet one of the managers, asking about your professional experience and talking about the company. They will talk to you really quickly, and if you’re selected, your second run will be the next day. They tell you it is going to be an “observation day” or an “open day” where you watch people doing their work while doing some assessment, to see how you deal with customers face-to-face. No time to think straight, to ask good questions, that is their strategy.

The company has billions of profit, it is growing and looking forward to extend in several cities across the UK, working with blue-chips companies, letting them the choice of how to run their marketing campaigns.

(Future) colleagues work on a small laptop, for the one who have a decent level; other would have first to build their team to approach potential customers, or saying in an easier way, to sell on the street. Do you remember those people with an Ipad or with a notepad on the street, often wearing the same T-shirt than their colleague 2 meters away? You try to avoid them all the time when you walk along that busy street. Well, this is what those companies hire to do. The team leader needs a car to drive around and is paid only about 500£ a week of over 30hours working as a self-employee for only one and unique company. You start the job with £200 a week for the same hours. It often takes years to climb up the ladder. The leader will tell you how amazing it is and how quickly you can climb this ladder, if you work more than the hours they ask you to, for the same salary.

The last round of the interview, you get to speak with the manager. There, I asked: what happens once at the top of the ladder? He answered he would retire (it was aged about 30 years old), enjoy a drink on a paradisiacal island and leave the chair for younger people. I don’t know for you, but this doesn’t sound exciting for me at all.

This is reality. Many companies will try to sell you dream but people don’t lie without being prepared. Some people chose to work in such companies because it is work, it is a bullshit job. Unfortunately, they don’t feel like they could get any better than that.

They’re humans, looking for profit while selling random stuff to random people, driving a small basic car on their own and not even have time to rest once at home.

At the era of social networks repeating how bad our Earth is like today because of ourselves, I can’t believe that people are still acting to push so deeply down our planet. Today, I am still looking for a job, because I want to help people and our ground, with my skills. I don’t want to be like those people who are living just for the economy of their company, hidden behind a strong corporation culture.

To change our world starts with our own choice, so here is a small list of companies that are acting that way in the UK. I met them in Manchester but they can be anywhere in the country. They are also famous recruiters on common recruitment websites. If you see those names, please don’t apply, and if it’s too late, don’t take the job, and if it is really too late, just quit.

  • Venture88
  • Fortitude Plethora
  • Augmentum Promotions
  • Glowing Global

No matter who you are, everyone is worth a decent job, a decent salary and to feel helpful towards our planet crisis.


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