Learn hospitality skills with Workaway in Ireland & Switzerland

After visiting some Facebook groups and CouchSurfing conversations, I heard about Workaway. This website has the same concept that HelpX and Wwoofing.


HelpX was first known. Its website is less attractive than Workaway, it has less hosts but it is cheaper to subscribe (around 20$ for 2 years, against 30$ per year, as far as I remember).

Camel Riding, Susten, Switzerland

Wwoofing is only about organic farms. You also have to subscribe to receive the catalog of the volunteer opportunities in the country selected. Nearby my place in Switzerland with Workaway, I met some Wwoofers, working with horses and camels. I was curious about the place when I heard we could do some camels riding in that country. I felt like an extra Wwoofers, after my Workaway status, giving some help in exchange of a ride and some good time with the German/French family.


Workaway offers a large range of volunteering all around the world. You can choose to work for a farm, do more like fille/fils au pair, or work in hospitality, which I did.

My goal was to learn hospitality skills to be able to apply for hotels later on. I started my quest in Ireland, near Kilkenny where I worked for a Self Catering. There, I was also baby-sitting few hours after school.

The nice thing about those websites is that you work few hours a week, so you still have plenty of time to travel and have some time for yourself.

In Kilkenny, I was mostly doing the bedding and cleaning. It was only a couple weeks.

Killure Lodge, Ireland

I tried again for a Bed & Breakfast for a month in Switzerland. There, I learnt a different method of doing the bedding; I was few times welcoming the guests, and preparing the meals for the volunteers. I had a much more fun time there. In Ireland, I was the only volunteer, while in Switzerland; we were about 3 of us, besides the sons of the hosts. Most of us were in the 20’.

In general, hosts know what are Workawayers looking for so they are always helpful to

The beautiful table set for Lunch at B&B Varen, Switzerland

give directions or to help us on the road we want to follow. When I worked at those touristic places, I also had the chance to hear travel stories from the guests that made me things and consider other places I wouldn’t think of otherwise.


I was hoping to meet people who knew more about Workaway on my way. It happens that most of us used it for the first time and all of us came from different backgrounds, which made the trip even more interesting. I would definitely try it again. Now that I learnt a lot in Ireland and Switzerland, I am ready to go job-hunting in hospitality, and put into practice everything I learnt during my previous trips.


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