Stones treasure hunt in France

20160724_125651Feel the dry air up to the hill and watch down the ground to find a first special stone,  then a second one, until getting to the quarry.
Some people travel to collect those precious stones, or fossil. One of my friends took me on a weekend trip to experience this.

When I thought we would go somewhere in Switzerland where we both stayed at that time, I found myself in France, in the Cevennes.

Though,  Switzerland is also famous a pretty country for its resources.

The Cevennes park in France is famous for its quarry and stones reserve. My friend,  who is the same age as I am, found happiness during the last walk: a lot of vegetable stones; while her mentor, the age of our parents,  was looking for something more special to complete his collection.  His hunt was harder to succeed.
It is like a treasure hunt. When we had to meet the mentor on the first walk, we followed totems he made on the way. Then, my friend found a bit of fern stones until finding a small lake lost in the coal.

She had the equipment for it. Besides the basic hiker clothing, she also had a helmet (that she wore only in caves), a hammer and newspapers to fold her treasure.

With the mentor, she shared her hunting experience on a stone market. There, she found jewellery stones. She also likes to make macramé with those.

The market in Millau is a great place to exchanges stones but also tips about location to hunt. Though, in the area, it sounds like it was to famous and previous collectors didn’t leave much behind.

This is an excuse for my friend to show her interest to other countries and locations where the reserve won’t be all used yet.
The treasure hunt ended up at the Facteur Cheval palace, which looks like the work of Gaudi in Barcelona, with a lot of interesting architectures everywhere in the building.

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