Frank, the story teller of Kilkenny, Ireland

DSC_0047Kilkenny is well known as a medieval town full of (hi)stories. I had the chance to meet Frank, a retired man with a lot of knowledge about the city as he always lived there. I met him in a tourism conference where people were talking about how to improve the city for tourists and backpackers. Frank then came to me and suggested a free tour. Surprisingly, when I showed up, few people were there, including 3 people from the Flemish part of Belgium.

This tour was completely free, not like the famous free-tours in the most popular cities of the world. Frank is doing this by himself, sometimes, get help from one his friend. This time, Catty, who grew up with him, was helping him to remember or to tell some specific stories.

It was supposed to last a couple hours; we ended up walking and listening to Frank the whole day. He was really interesting to listen to and has some stories and some items to show that nobody else does.

I remember that love story between a kitchen maid and an Irish soldier. The soldier wanted to propose but then he had to go to war to fight against the British. He planned to do it once he come back, which he did, come back. The maid though died in a huge fire while he was gone. The British also put the city on fire. Now, the kitchen where she used to work possesses her ghost.

Dogs were remaining in front of the door without anyone could understand why they wouldn’t dare to go in. People tried different dogs, and none would step in. Frank then wanted to try himself, and saw the ghost of the maid.

Because he lived this that he can say he believes in it. Frank is not a fan of ghost stories, but this one, he is okay to share it for this reason.

More love stories followed, about people who had a room in the castle, or that princess who had many husband and all died in strange circumstances.

After those creepy stories about the castle and its surrounding, we finally stopped to an underground pub, tasting a real Guiness, like the Irish like it.


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