Isle of Skye

IMG-20160531-WA0004During bank holiday, we decided to take the road to Skye, the fairytale island north of Scotland. On the way, we picked up a girl from Norway and then from Canada, which made our trip international.

We went to wild-camp, without really preparing anything. The first day, we stopped at Ben Nevis, the highest mountain of the UK, that you can climb for 4-5 hours. I didn’t go up with my friends, just stayed down on Earth, at Fort William, enjoying a first taste of Scotland.

The tourism office there also told us about Harry Potter viaduct, Glenfinnan. The place looks amazing but DON’T CAMP THERE. We got attacked by a lot of midges, that it was impossible for us to breath. The boys had a lot of bite marks on their arms that sometimes turned badly, while they disappeared the next day on girls skin. Still, it was horrible to set our tent there and to try to sleep.

The next sunrise, we kept going to Skye. The spots we then found were just amazing, next to a waterfall or on the seaside. We could use those instant barbecue everyday (because yes, it was sunny and hot every single day), and take water from the source.

We are not going to forget those amazing hikes like Fair Pools, and have a swim, or walk between the peaks of the Quiraing. With no doubts, the sceneries are simply amazing.


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