Wales: 1 week 3 accommodations (till London)

After the #storm, a beautiful sunny day to #portmerion #travel #uk #theprisonner #wales

We left from Manchester, to London, going through Wales. For this trip, I wanted to teach a friend how we can find different way to travel within a couple weeks.

We decided to rent a car at EuropCar first. They allowed me to drive and my friend to pay with a British card. Though, the customer service is really bad. We didn’t expect to have any issues with them, but still today, we do. They are asking for a huge amount of money for not so much. I chose them because I heard another friend talking about them for this allowance. Most of the British car rentals ask for a bankcard on the name of the driver, which make the trip really expensive too with all the bank charges. I should have pay attention to the reviews, that all rate the company badly, wherever the customers were using it.

Besides the car rental, the rest of the trip was great. We started to sleep in a tent. The campsite, Barcdy, even had Wifi. We had to spend a day or two under the storm, in our small Quechua. As soon as the sky dried, we went out, discover the area. We notably went to Port Merion that reminds me of a DisneyLand made in Wales.

Then, we found a CouchSurfing in a village, in Talgarth, hosted by a British guy and an Austrian woman. We were lucky than one of our hosts was free so we spent a great time together, hiking to the waterfalls and tindering in the village.

Then, we kept driving south, to Cardiff. I thought we couldn’t miss the capital, and it would be the best place to show what a hostel looks like. We ended up in Nomad Hostel. Our first room there wasn’t ready for us, but the receptionist quickly solved that and we moved to a small room, with only another roommate. Though, there was space for 6 of us. The population of the hostel was a bit strange I felt, and the kitchen a mess, especially in the fridge and freezer. In average, it was a pretty good hostel for the price we had it for, and it was nice located.

We ended our trip in London, trying AirBnB. Our first experience was nice. We found a student flat share in Canada Water, in a brand new complex near public transportation. It was near the docks were it was really nice to walk around, and take the boat to Canary Wharf. Our host was flexible and we could enjoy a nice stay in a fancy flat.

We finished the trip at the airport, where we went on separate ways. Follow my blogs every week to get to know what I experience next.


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