Switzerland : a day at Leukerbad

20160717_133926The landscape and the way of living there in Switzerland seem to come from a fairytale book, or from a travel book, where almost everything gets much easier.

The high mountains, with their white tops, overlook the valleys and their green trees. I spent the month of July there, and each single day was sunny, around 35 degrees. Hat, sunglasses and sun cream were more than necessary.

I was in the Valais, near Leuk, with the workaway program, I am going to talk more about the program in another blog post, here, I invite you to discover or to rediscover with me few landmarks in the area.


During one of my day off, with a Russian friend, we went to Leukerbad. There, we can take a cable care up to GemmiPass. There, we have split. My friend wanted to touch the glaciers; she was really near but couldn’t make it. Three glaciers actually surround Lammerensee, a small lake on the West side of the exit of the cable car: Wildstrubel, Schneehorn and Plaine Morte. Those take a long time to walk before to reach them, and the last cable care goes down at 5:45 pm. You don’t want to miss it. If you do, you would have to go down walking too, which takes about 2 hours, and after such a walk, your legs would give up.

I went rather to the Daubensee as I have less stamina. To walk around the lakes takes about 2 hours. It felt like it was too short for me that path was also really touristic. I kept going to a hotel, 30 min away more, where I met people on their way to GemmiPass, coming from Bern.

20160717_173015Once down, you can enjoy the Leukerbad thermal baths, a huge swimming pool, outdoor and indoor with hot water. You also have water slides, hot tubs, jets, and a hot cave, with a cold swimming pool waiting for you right at the exist.

The entrance costs about 25 CHF, which is pretty expensive when you know that 1 CHF equal nearly to 1 EURO in July 2016.

A mother took her daughter to enjoy the swimming pools there. Aged of 8 years old, she loves to swim. She feels like at home in the water. Her mother said that she uses to come here couple times. They like it because it is big; they have space and a lot of activities to do for the whole family. Children also have their own swimming pool with balls upstairs. That day, they were particularly lucky that it was not crowded so they could enjoy the whole pool for themselves.

After experiencing Anzere thermal baths, I think I preferred these. Leukerbad is too big for me and feel much more touristic. Anzere on the other hand had everything Leukerbad has but in smaller. Both have a great view on the mountains. Only in Anzere though, you can see the eternal snow on the mountains.

Leukerbad also disappointed me with its lack of knowledge of English. It is a touristic Swiss town, known for the winter season, and yet, I found my way easier in French.


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