Entertain yourself in Blackpool, UK

IMG_20160323_190310A Shakespeare show, with the Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Grand theater

Beginning of April, the Royal Shakespeare Company was performing in Blackpool for the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Inside the gorgeous Grand Theater, we could laugh many times during the long play. Amateur, professionals and kids were on stage to show us a complicated love story of four young people. The play brought many spectators. At the end, some of the comedians met at the Bootleg for a beer or two.

Pubs and bars

For a cheap restaurant, you can go to Mr Barai’s, where there is a world buffet. From Mexican to Japanese food, with tacos, noodles and some curry chickens, the price was okay and pretty cheap for lunch time with 10 to 14£. Drinks are not included.

If you’d rather go for cocktails and foreigner food, there is also the Las Liguanas at the corner downtown. During happy hours you can get two for one cocktail and some good dishes for an okay price as well. The food is really tasty, just pay attention if you have to order to a numb but funny waiter.

Few pubs are nice also to hangout such as the Washington, the Bootleg for its pool and concerts though drinks are quite expensive there, the Walkabout to meet new people, dance or chill on the couches, or Scrooges to drink shot while smelling the swimming pool which is located underneath.

On the sea, at Blackpool – Fleetwood Yacht Club 25785531924_ed5578b393_k

Don’t confuse with the Fleetwood Yacht Club which is on seaside. Blackpool-Fleetwood Yacht Club is behind Poulton le Fylde. It is harder to get there by public transportation.

Those two are quite small, with a lot of small sailing boats. You can also take boat classes, which you need to get your certification and to work on them.

Often, sailors go racing on the bay when the tide allows it. When the sun is out, it is a great day just to go there, either to take pictures of abandoned boats, have a walk, or to go on the sea.


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