The strange sound of Blackpool, UK

DSC_0101Action bound in Blackpool

Other Worlds, an experimental music festival, was taking place in Blackpool in April. For the occasion, they made an app to discover the city by sound. Through the Action bound app, you can through streets and take the time to stop, and listen. You would be surprise of the sound you can actually hear, which you never took attention before. You can also leave your imagination strolling, and think about where else, you could hear those sounds.

The idea is really nice to enjoy a city in another way. Though, the app has some points to improve. It doesn’t work inside so well, so we’re loosing location. Also, you can’t follow all the instructions as some of them work only on the summer time. This is a paradox when the festival is in April. At the end of the game, you can upload all the photos and videos you took with your phone. It seems hard to find again the videos. The festival organization should have them though. It will make a montage from those for the next edition.

Besides the bad sides, the idea is really nice. It looks easy to adapt to several main towns around the world and it is a way to see it with different eyes, or with different ears.

Other Worlds Festival

Beginning of April, another world took place in Blackpool, mostly at the Bootleg bar. Other Worlds festival started quietly on a Thursday. The weekend brought much more people. We could enjoy a different kind of music: experimental, electronic, some acting, etc.

Each artist had something out of ordinary to share with the public. Sometimes, it wasn’t attractive, sometimes, it made us the desire to come closer, and let ourselves be fascinated by the music.

It was interesting to get to know new styles and unusual musicians. Though, I think it was missing some kind of explanation or description to explain more about the artist and how they came up with those kinds of music and why the public would listen to his rhymes.

This year was only the second edition. I suggest you to check the third, it can be only go on better and better every year. The Saturday night 2016 was already a success.


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