The American way of tourism in Blackpool, UK

IMG_20160309_174340Blackpool, near Liverpool, hides a really British town behind its atmosphere of an American town. The cozy feelings of the English men, the awkwardness of old people and the easy-going LGBT communities make the town spicy and touristic.

Winter Garden

Downtown Blackpool there is a huge building that you can see from one of the main streets. The Winter Garden is not a winter botanical garden as you could imagine by its name. It is a mini Hollywood in a mini Las Vegas.

Each room as been decorated differently. They are used for different kind of shows: movie, theater and so on. They are zany, colorful and from different part of history. Most of them, and the inside of the building in general knew few redecoration, which were not to make it more beautiful but mostly to make them more practical. The windows for example have been recovered of concrete so they are easier to clean. A staircase has been removed as well. Some roofs has been decorated to be in a more nowadays trends, even though we still think it would have looked better the way before.

The Ballroom

Nevertheless, many fairs, shows, musicals, etc. are taking place within the Winter Garden.

The Winter Garden also has one of the biggest ballrooms of the world with its Empress ballroom, and its 12,500 square feet for its floor measurement. It is a direct opponent to the Blackpool tower’s ballroom, which has a moving floor, and 120 feet on 120.

Avenue Q

At the Winter Garden, we can see shows such as Avenue Q. Those puppets enlightened our evening with their stories how to grow older. Being an adult is not something easy. We regret our time at college, when, once we get graduated, we have to find a place to live and a job that fits us. Avenue Q broaches those topics with humors and no taboo. The puppets don’t forget to sing about racism, sexuality, personal dreams, etc. Both humans and puppets play together to offer a real funny show. Some humans are only on stage to move the marionette and to take place in the story. Some of them had to move more than one marionette which made the show even better than we would have first expected.


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