A refreshing time in Anzere Spa & Wellness

20160710_104438Breath deeply, relax while watching the snowy tops of the mountains in Valais. The Spa & Wellness of Anzere takes you to a particular chill time with its different activities.

Don’t confuse Anzere and Ayent when you first get here. Ayent is the first village on the way when you come from Sion. If you have it wrong though, a bus driver will always help you to get to destination.

Once arrived in this touristic village, Anzere Spa & Wellness feels like a disconnected place to be. Of course like everything else in Switzerland, it is pricy.

You can choose between the swimming pool area or the wellness one. Everywhere you go, you can see the gorgeous view of the mountains.  The swimming pool area offers a large range of things to enjoy for around 16 Swiss francs, like jacuzzi’s, children pool and a massage jet, in- and outdoor pools, all included.  The jet is pretty strong that it actually feels like a massage.  Families enjoy this place to teach how to swim to children sometimes. They enjoy mostly Wednesdays, dedicated Children day.

This would be the cheap way to have a massage, as a formal one would cost more than 115 francs. There is no comparison, the expensive one was extremely relaxing.

Melanie, one of the masseuses offered me a partial massage with a floral oil, ylang-ylang. While listening to some atmosphere musics, I could feel myself go into another dimension.  I never went to a Spa before and never had the experience of a professional massage. It felt awkward at first, when I saw the tiny thong I only had to wear, and then, once she started, it felt great. Melanie made me feel comfortable. She had strong gestures and could feel where I was hurt to work on it more. My shoulders were in pain of carrying my backpack around and typing stories. The massage session also relaxed my mind which was simply amazing. On the way out, Melanie showed me other massage rooms like the couple one. Even if I am not into romantic style so much, I could imagine a really nice picture in my mind.

As most places I go to, I also expect to have WiFi. Here there is none. Perhaps it is to help you to disconnect with the rest of the world, but it also avoid people to talk instantaneously about this place.

Instead of going online, you can also simply enjoy a book or a chat at the garden, chill and sip a fresh smoothie, while hearing the outdoor swimming pool. You can easily spend an entire day.


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