The secrets of Kilkenny

DSC_0036This medieval town has plenty of touristic attraction to offer. Not only the city is nice but also all its surroundings. Within a day there, I couldn’t do everything I first planned to.

You have that bike tour that seems nice, I haven’t tried it but I heard good things about it. It is actually the first Trip Advisor attraction and the funny wool bike made me wanna try it too.

Then the castle is always nice to see. The yard is huge, so you can pick nick there on a sunny day. It has a lot of history too that I discovered during a walking tour.

Frank, a retired man, now get in touch with some tourists to show them around the castle and the city. He used to spend his childhood within those big walls. That is why he has a lot to tell. You can feel that his stories come from what he used to know.

Better than the ghost tour that I have been trying in Edinburgh, Frank tells us only the ones he believes in. He notably told about that maid that fell in love with a soldier. The soldier went to fight with the British. He promised his lover to marry her once he gets back. He actually did come back, but the maid was a victim of a huge fire. She used to work in the kitchen, that has a back door. People saw then that dogs didn’t dare to get in, so they tried again, with different kinds, and none of them would go into that room. Frank said that he was there, trying to understand why the dogs wouldn’t just stand at the porch, until he actually saw her ghost.

After all those stories, that took a whole afternoon, we stopped to have a beer. Well, Guinness definitely doesn’t have the same taste than abroad.

Other touristic main attractions are the cathedral and its tower. You can climb up the ladders, and have a nice view on the whole city. There are 121 steps, and if you make it up and down again, you even get a certification for your achievement. You can do that only with one person at a time though, perhaps two, on the same direction, as it is really narrow.

On a Thursday, there was also the farmer market down the castle, with a lot of local food, which mean a lot of meat, but also a world food bus. While on the line, you can hear that local people use to go there a lot.

Once fed, it is the perfect time to have a walk along the riverside. On the way, you can see some really nice graffiti, and take a lot of fresh air inside the city.

Outside the city, there are a lot of things to see as well, like the caves, but also, deeper on the countryside, Goresbridge and the underground fort, located in Duninga. There are both places where it is really nice to walk around, to find some peace, before heading to busier cities.


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