The green Ginger country, Ireland

DSC_0057Ireland, that country where everybody thinks I belong it, where people like me would just burn on a sunny day, even in their own country, and where they are more amaze to see a rainbow that sunshine.

The country is so authentic, with a lot of travelers buying whiskey from the airport already. Once the plane lands, you can feel the endless rain. Locals use to say it does rain a lot at that is why the country remains so green all the time. Even a young kid, who is 9 years old, said that he wouldn’t stop playing hurling, the national sport, for rain. No one is scared and certainly not the children.

Because of the wet weather, it always feels colder as well. The thermostat can show 20°C and it would actually feel like 10, so you want to carry your sweater all the time, and your raincoat, don’t forget that.

Then, once on the Irish road you meet some carriage and think you may be in Romania. I heard it is from travellers, with two “L” (Traveler (US) à person who travel a lot. Traveller (UK) à gypsy) who just want to go on horse racing in the middle of an open street.

Anyway, there are also nice people, nice redhead people and freckle skins. Driver are actually stopping for you so you can take a picture, people will always smile at you and be so nice to you all the time. It is really easy to ask your way around, even in the middle of nowhere, far from the touristic places.

I had an amazing experience in Ireland and I am gonna tell you so much more about it, like the cliff of Moher, Dublin, Kilkenny and so on. Keep following my blogs, the posts are comings up.


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