10 rules for your stay in a hostel

Amit Gupta / Flickr

At first, I thought this question was strange but then, in Dublin, when I stopped there in a strange hostel called Abbey Court, I met few people for whom it was the first time sleeping in such a place. Here are 10 rules about how to have a nice hostel experience.

  1. Before to go to a hostel, make sure you have these items in your bag: plug adaptor, earplugs, lock, towels
  2. Ask the first necessary questions to the staff: are there bed numbers? Where is the room? How do I enter the room code if there is one? What is the WiFi password? Where’s the breakfast? How much does it cost? What are the options to store my backpack? What shall I do with the bed sheet after my stay?
  3. Look at the signs around you, they will always show you the way to the main places you have to know: bathroom, canteen, reception… If you get confused, to be ashamed, smile, and someone at the other corner will smile at you.
  4. Once you get to your room, with the right bed, look for plugs.
  5. If you can’t ask the staff about something specific, ask other customers
  6. Once you get out of the room, adventure the place: get lost, and meet people.
  7. Meet new people, talk, chill, have a beer and get prepared for the unexpected
  8. Don’t stay in your room if you want to talk to someone. A bedroom is called “dormitory” because it is used only to sleep. Hostels have common area to have a chat. The dormitory is there to let people sleep and rest. Be quiet when you get there.
  9. Hostels are not hotels; remove your sheets after your stay.
  10. Don’t complain about the poor shower or bed, you pay only around 10€ a night, what do you expect?

Remember the good things, meet people on the street afterward and you are going to have a really good time in the country you are. Feel free to use all the languages you speak to help other people around you, and to share your own travel experience around a pint.


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