What to do for a weekend in Hamburg

26173415105_d40441ef15_oAs some of my blog post come from a question, one of my friends actually came to me to ask me, what is there to do to spend a nice weekend in Hamburg, Germany? Well, this post will spot some places you must see.

You should prepare your visit first, as not so many cafés have WiFi there. If you look for one though, I definitely recommend the Kaffeekontor, where you can steal the WiFi from the Compost apple store just next door.

If you arrive on Friday evening to leave on Sunday, you might want to start with a nice dinner and, one, or two, casual drink(s) at the Sternchanze neighborhood. You can stop at the Sofa pubs, there are two of them right in front of each other, both on a corner. Have more drinks, if you feel like it, don’t forget to order an Astra, the local beer. Don’t get wasted yet, the weekend is still coming up.

You can rent a bike, which if fun, or go by walk, but some of the spots to see during the daytime are far to go to by walk from the city center.

There is the Sint Michael’s church, where you can go on top if the weather is clear enough to have a nice view on the city. Take a walk also at the warehouse neighborhood, and stop by the Miniatur Wunderland museum. Take you time on the East side of the Aussenalster lake.

You should also go to Treppenviertel, a fishermen neighborhood that kept its authentic atmosphere.

Then, now, you can get wasted. Go to Reperbahn, stop at the Barbarabar, order a Mexicana. Don’t get disappointed by the taste Hamburg people have on alcohol, just look like you would belong there too. Locals use to say that you are virgin until you drink one of these shots. Now that you are most probably drunk, and dizzy, look up, and see those American lights that remind of Hollywood. Keep drinking; locals also have a good remedy against the hangover.

We are already Sunday. Go to the fish market, and get a fish burger. If you feel like it, you can also buy vegetables and fruits for cheap to bring them home. Look at some market gardener, how they shout and make their own show. Even if you don’t understand German, it is fun to watch. Get a walk along the riverside there too, if you haven’t done that yet. If you have time, take a ferry like you would take a bus, but on the river. It doesn’t ask to much effort, and it is nice to watch the city from there.

Now that you have experienced the best of Hamburg, it time to leave. Don’t drive if you still feel the alcohol in your blood. Germany has a good a bus transportation network to drive you around.



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