Scottish road trip

DSC_0314With no destination, no plans really, we took our GPS, a car, and a friend to go on a road trip. The only thing we knew was the direction: Scotland.

Through the countryside, some trails and stop spots, we finally reached Edinburgh at the end of the day. The journey was fun though, stopping, taking photos, and start again. This way, we randomly drove into a Buddhist temple, Kagyru Samye Ling on a stormy day.

The way back was also that exciting, with some stops at castles, notably at Neidpath and at Thirlestane castles, some car racing, and rams hunting. The castles were all closed on Easter Monday. It was a shame, as they look beautiful from the outside.

We also stopped in a village on the West Coast, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, where we found a lovely seaside. The last stop before going back to Blackpool was Newscastle, a university city full of bridges.

All the roads we drove on were to reach one goal: get to Scotland, and obviously, to come back before work. We managed then to arrive at the Unicorn’s capital, Edinburgh.

We discovered the Edinburgh Castle and many of their tourists down on the main street. Street artists were performing and playing music, all along until reaching the Sint Giles cathedral, with its spit floor.  IMG_7140

Edinburgh is an amazing down, where the center still looks authentic and medieval, with the sound of bagpipes in the background. In the middle of this capital, you can also find a Lion King cliff to hike on. This is obviously not the official name, but it does sound like a Disney anyway: the Arthur’seat. From the top, you have an amazing view on the whole city, including the castle and the other hill in front of it, Calton, which has Roman – Greek vestiges. Actually, Edinburgh was built on seven on them.

On the evening, we got ourselves into the Ghost Free Walking Tour (which is not free but works on tips only). The tour wasn’t scary at all. It was an interesting night walk through the city though.

Our guide was saying that we should find an accommodation for the night, as at that time, we still didn’t have a clue of where to stay. Well, after a long search, trying all the full-booked hostels, we finally stayed at the holiday inn. While hostel hunting, we were told that the best way to look for a last minute room was online, through hostelworld or

After a long day and so much hunting, we were off for a beer, at the Ozbar, playing Ludo after trying to get a seat at the Elephant house, the birthplace of Harry Potter.


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