Health and Travel

young african nurse comforting female patient
Flickr / James Palisinsad

A stuffed nose, throat inflammation, stomachache…so many little uncomfortable things can happen while on the road. Besides, when you are a girl, you have to be aware on much more, like blood pressure and dealing with birth control.

For all the little common disease, I have my magic bottle, a medicine made of plants, called Equinacea (whatever that is, you can check out how it looks like and more about it once you click on the link). I heard many travelers talking about the Tiger balm as well.

For those who didn’t notice: I am a woman. I have to deal with more things than only a cold.

For the periods, I heard about the moon cup, which is pretty handy. I haven’t used it yet.

Also, you should check with your doctor if you have any varicose veins. More than 80% of the women have those, and it is important to be aware of while traveling. Your body is feelings a lot of pressure, while taking a long journey on a coach or taking to many planes. There are few things you can do about it: ask your doctor about some pills and wear support stocking every time you have to be hours stills in a transportation. See with your doctor which kinds of stocking would fit you best.

Perhaps this is the topic you were expecting the most: birth control. Some women would go for an IUD, while other would keep on the pills, or would take hormones in their skins. Well, those two last one are actually really bad for you. Hormones are bad in general, but when you face so much change in your life, it is even worse. The IUD is a good solution not to think about it for years. For sure, you won’t be pregnant with that. I opted for the solution of nothing which mean, I am not taking anything, and my only protection remains the condoms or don’t have sex. This way, I have only one protection against pregnancy and sexual disease. Please note though that is the less powerful one, as if it not used well, it can crack.

Finally, don’t smoke. That can also play with your body. Besides, in some countries, it would be really expensive to buy packs and packs. You’d better keep your money on your food.

Having healthy meal will also help you to feel better about yourself. Less meat, and more sports helped me to feel awake during the day.

If you look at everything, they aren’t expensive to pay attention, and your life depends on it, every road you take. Being healthy is the most important thing that you need to keep while traveling. Be careful.


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