How I hack WIFI in most European countries and track myself

Flickr / Calsidyrose

People who travel like to keep tracking of the place they have been to tell their friends, family, or they personal website about it. Some of them would write down in a diary, others, like me, are simply too lazy to do it that way.

When I move around, I always have my phone with me. Even though I am not always on the local network, I have location and WIFI on all the time. This allows my cell to track me. Then, I have to log into my personal account, and my map is created. Here is how I do it.

First of all, I use several tracking applications: Foursquare, Swarm, Google Location History and Google My Maps.

With Swarm, I can check in, so I know the name of the place and which event is on once I am there. Foursquare will automatically know about it as well, and tell me what is trendy, or not where I am.

Google Location History is drawing me a map with all the stops I do. So, my map looks like here. Then, I simply have to export the XML file and put into my Google My Maps. Here is an example for the way in: Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 18.35.36 Here again, you can see my trip in Scotland. With that day, and the next one, I could draw my way in and out:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 18.33.50

Besides, Google also remember where I took some of my pictures. I can add that information while uploading them on my Facebook account.

To use all of those, of course, you need Internet everywhere, and I don’t have the local network, still I can do it.

In Belgium, we have what we call the FON. From your home internet network, it allows you to connect to all the FON it has a partnership with. Depending on the countries, it can be in many places or not. In Germany and in U.K. it is popular with Proximus. My phone has the application WI-FI Hotspots. It connects automatically wherever I am.

This is how, here, in the U.K. I can connect to all the BT internet networks. Most of the houses have this network, and they don’t pay any extra, and don’t notice that you are on it too without even asking for the password. This works because of the FON system. Proximus have a kind of partnership with BT I guess. Thanks to this, I can connect everywhere and create my travel map without writing wherever I have been. I just need to check my applications at the end of the day.


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