Why I won’t become a Vegan

Flickr / Sunflower seeds

On my journeys, I met people who taught me how important it is to be a vegetarian. Nowadays, I meet more and more who say it is even more necessary to be a vegan. Here is why I won’t be one.

First of all, it is hard to give up on cream and cheese. See everything you would miss: ice cream, cakes, eggs… I am already lactose intolerant, but at least, that doesn’t avoid me to eat those.

You would probably answer to that, that, there are vegan cakes, but they don’t have the same taste. They actually use a lot of oil. So my question is this: is there any study that proves that oil would be better than butter? For the ice cream, one of the answer would be that there is Tom & Jerry. Did you know then that it belongs to Unilever that company that poison water? Are you actually telling me that you want to save animals, but not the fish and neither the human race? Of course, I love my mum’s handmade ice cream made with soya milk instead.

This was easy. Now, here is my real reason not to be a vegan.

It is already complicated to be a vegetarian everyday. Even when you try to, you see big companies making profit of on your belief. So your act of changing diet is actually not helping. Besides, you can find meet in many different ingredients where you wouldn’t have thought of. You can always buy fruits and vegetables at the market, but how well do you know which pesticide have been used? You can’t say you’re saving the world with your behavior. Maybe you are killing it even more.

Remember that little butcher who likes to do his job. He’s actually helping his family to survive while selling meat, or that farm, that has cattle. It is the same farm that would host volunteers, events, and also teach children about how to live outdoor.

When you travel, it is even harder to have one diet. You adapt yourself, take what people give you, because, if you leave it, you either would be starving or rude, or both.

To become a vegan involves to eat a lot more of seeds, the main dish of many small animals. What are the studies here that would say that we would leave enough of them to feed them all?

The best diet is, I believe, to pay attention of where the product comes from, each one of them. There is none that is the best, they all are. It is true that humans don’t actually need meat to survive, but that works for us, who live in a well-build society. Villagers still need to hunt, to sell, and to feed themselves that way.


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